From: Lions Jeannie & Al Rossi:

The 2011 Annual Wine & Cheese Party Committee has been appointed. They are:

Committee Chair: Lions Jeannie & Al Rossi

Committee Members: Lions Pat Stone, Judy Brown, Pat Adolphie and Bo Hurley

Here we are about to start a new Brandon Lions Year. Our first big fund raiser will be the Second Annual Wine and Cheese party. Let’s build on last years event. I think everyone who attended last year was pleasantly surprised of the event. I am sure we can do better this year. It will take all members to make this a success. The tickets are printed and will be given out at our next meeting. (July 9th). Please make every effort to sell as many as you can. We also have posters printed.

We need donations. Not monetary, but merchandise and gift certificates, that we can give as door prizes. The tickets this year will be $12.50. That is up $2.50 from last year, but this year we will include more snacks and add beer for the non-wine drinkers. We are also making room for a dance floor, recommendation made by a number of people. Any suggestions by members are welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting.