From Lion Art Schmidt:

Below are the pictures I took getting the Lions fire truck and “people mover” fixed up for the Annual Brandon July 4th parade.

Lions Kevin Rees, Bob Nixon, Bo Hurley, Al Rossi, & myself were the only adults there to do the work. Bob Nixon’s grand daughter, Hannah, also helped.

Lions Bo, Bob, & Kevin started before 9 Am, while I started at 9:05 AM. We all worked under a 100 degree heat and took a meal break at a local ARBY’s at 1:15 PM. All work was finished by 3:30 PM, thank goodness.

The heat was getting the “best” of the older Lions. While the Lions fire truck went to Patriot Metals for some “finishing touches” today, our parade entry was a desirable entry compared to previous years. Lion Kevin had really planned
and carried out our parade entry.

Thanks to all Lions participating in the annual Brandon July 4 parade.